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Part Two of Auction Napa Valley 2011. Recorded at Meadowood Country Club on June 4th, the main auction features interviews with winemakers, owners, auction participants, chefs and more. Check out our Facebook page for photos from the event. The list of interviews in order of appearance goes as follows:

1-Tim Mondavi/Continuum
2-Marcia Mondavi/Continuum
3-Garen Staglin/Staglin Family Estate
4-Bob Levy/Bond Estate
5-Westley Steffens/Vineyard 7 & 8
6-Paul Asmuth/Napa Valley Reserve
7-Michelle Fields/Alpha Omega
8-Shilah Salmon/Robert Mondavi Winery
9-Brenda Mixson & Tom Thornton/The Grade Cellars
10-Cindy Pawlcyn/Chef (Mustards, Go Fish)
11-Bret Anderson/The Robb Report
12-Jeff Blaum/Chase Cellars
13-Koerner Rombauer announcement
14-Bruce Cakebread/Cakebread Cellars
15-Tor Kenward/TOR Wines
16-Elizabeth Marston/Marston Family Vineyard
17-Sam Baxter/Terra Valentine
18-Susan Sabin/Sabina Vineyards
19-Michael Chiarello/Chef

Written by Ray Fister

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