To all our listeners we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

This newsletter will be the final one for 2015. The next podcast and newsletter will run the first week of January. We have brought you interviews with over 300 winemakers from all over the world and it is our intent to continue to extend our reach to new and familiar winemakers alike. We also include our “Ray’s Picks” which features all the wines posted in the 2015 newsletters. Here’s hoping you have enjoyed reading these bits as much as we enjoy gathering them for you.

Over the years we have met many Napa Valley winemakers….but Ron Sciandri was big a favorite. We interviewed Ron and his daughter Rebecca at the family home in Coombsville in February of 2014. Ron had a huge smile for everyone and exuded classic wine country hospitality. His wine is excellent and we frankly feel very lucky to have met and talked with him. Ron passed away on November 13th. While in the coming weeks we have several brand new interviews to share, we felt it was a nice idea to remember a guy that left a big impression. So cheers to Ron Sciandri….take a listen and crack a smile.

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Written by Ray Fister

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