It’s not often we interview a non winemaker for this podcast, but author, wine journalist and blogger Alice Feiring has a point of view we felt was worth airing. Alice’s latest book is titled “For the Love of Wine” and has just been published by Potomic Books. Alice gives the reader a look into her journey to Georgia to discover where the first wine on earth was made and in the process discovers a whole new (old) world of wine. We spoke with Alice by phone from her home in New York City back in February.

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Written by Ray Fister

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  1. Gove Celio March 21, 2016 at 5:40 pm

    Oh great, Just what we don’t need – another broad brush approach by a writer saying everyone is making ‘Parkerized’ wines in California for points. That sounds so much like the panning of the entire 1998 vintage in CA. Look back and you’ll see many stellar results from that rough year. According to, her previous book covers “…why she doesn’t find much to drink in California….” Look harder.

    True, many producers & consumers rely on the reviews to sell & stock a cellar, so the Parker formula is widespread throughout the world, but look a little deeper. Without much effort you’ll find producers struggling to survive without manipulating wines and using high point reviews for survival.

    Sorry Ray, just my 2 cents.