You’ve heard the words. Now hear the meaning behind the words. Vino Lingo is a fun and popular section of our Podcast. This is where Winemakers define the words you’ve heard for years but didn’t know the meaning of. Or…words you would never have expected to hear come from the mouth of a Winemaker. Unvarnished. Vino Lingo. Listen.

1-Alex Ryan of Duckhorn Wine Company, Napa Valley “Wine Tourism”

2-David Nemarnik of Alloro Vineyard, Oregon “FYB”

3-Armando Castagnedi of Tenuta Sant’Antonia, Italy “Valpolicella”

4-Chris Madrigal of Madrigal Family Cellars, Napa Valley “Madrigal”

5-Melissa Burr of Stoller Family Winery, Oregon “Stinky Wine”

6-Chris Williams of Brooks Wine, Oregon “Oregon Wine”

7-Joe Wright of Left Coast Cellars, Oregon “Pinot Meunier”

8-Casey Stringer of Stringer Cellars, Wisconsin “Feral”

9-Alex Sokol-Blosser of Sokol-Blosser Wines, Oregon “Weasel Piss”

Written by Ray Fister

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