A winemaker can work at a single winery or make wine for several wineries. Many become consultants. They can work with vineyards in varying parts of an AVA or vineyards all over the world. LaRue Wine is Katy Wilson’s own, plus she also makes wine for the Anaba label and other wineries. Her work is primarily in Sonoma but she does reach into other AVA’s. Katy has extensive experience in Pinot Noir and Chardonnay along with several other varietals. We chatted with Katy by phone last week to get caught up on the happenings in Sonoma wine country.

You can also hear Katy on our Vino Lingo segment defining the term “Shatter”

Learn more by visiting www.laruewines.com or www.anabawines.com

Written by Ray Fister

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