Ever wonder what the heck winemakers are talking about when you hear words like



Double Dry

Hard Bung?

These words are fascinating, educational and just plain fun, especially when defined by the winemakers themselves. Take a listen while sipping your favorite wine, and learn how it became the wine you love!

The winemakers included in this podcast are as follows:

“Budding”-Chris Hyde/Hyde Vineyards, Carneros, Napa Valley

“Elevage”-Matt Michael/Baldassari Family Wines, Sonoma

“Elegance & Identity”-Giovanni Folonari-/Ambrogio Giovanni Folonari, Italy

“Sommelier”-Laura Donadoni/Sommelier, Italy

“Lodi Rules”-Blair & Laura Lott/Rescue Dog Wines, Lodi, California

“Terroir Driven Philosophy”-Noé Tesseron/Pym Rae, Napa Valley

“Back to the Salt Mines”-Annie Shull/Raptor Ridge Winery, Willamette Valley

“Pretty Pretties”-David Ulbricht/SchöneTal Cellars, Willamette Valley

“Honig”-Stephanie Honig/Honig Vineyard & Winery, Napa Valley

“Acid Driven”-Stephen Webber/Montinore Estate, Willamette Valley

“Don’t Be a Fruit Pusher”-Stephen Frey/Trisaetum Winery, Willamette Valley

“Take a Stab at a Barrel”-Kirk Venge/Venge Vineyards, Napa Valley

“Double Dry”-Dave Petterson/Domaine de Brogile, Willamette Valley

“Dry Farming”-Jake Gray/L’Angolo Estate, Willamette Valley

“Hard Bung”-Jeff Cole/Sullivan Rutherford Estate, Napa Valley

“Minimalist”-Steve Lutz/Lenné Estate, Willamette Valley

“Descriptors”-David Ramey/Ramey Wine Cellars, Sonoma

“Make it Like it Didn’t Happen”-Scott Shull/Raptor Ridge Winery, Willamette Valley

“Stay Frisky”-Richard Betts/An Approach to Relaxation, Australia

“DBADA”-Sara Fowler/Peju & Calmére Estate, Napa Valley

“Kitty Litter Box”-Tom Rinaldi/Wine Consultant, Napa Valley

“Native Fermentation”-Alex Holman/Notre Vue Estate, Sonoma

Written by Ray Fister

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