This week we feature part three of our very popular “Select Winemaker Stories” segment. These interviews took place between 2012 through 2020 with winemakers from Australia, Willamette Valley, France, Napa Valley and Sonoma. Please enjoy and send any comments to We appreciate you listening!

Winemaker Stories in order of appearance:

-George Martinelli/Martinelli Winery, Sonoma Podcast #130, December 2014

-Alice Warnecke Sutro/Sutro Wine Company, Sonoma Podcast #332, June 2019

-Jean Hoefliger/Consulting Winemaker, Napa Valley Podcast #128, November 2014

-Henrik Poulsen/Release Winery, Napa Valley Podcast #85, March 2013

-Molly Hill/Sequoia Grove, Napa Valley Podcast #124, September 2014

-Victoria Angove/Angove Family Winemakers, Australia Podcast #353, October, 2019

-Judd Finkelstein/Judd’s Hill Winery, Napa Valley Podcast #132, December 2014

-Hugh Davies/Schramsberg, Napa Valley Podcast #111, May 2014

-Elizabeth Vianna/Chimney Rock Winery, Napa Valley Podcast #312, March 2019

-Scott & Annie Shull, Raptor Ridge Winery, Willamette Valley, Oregon Podcast #352, October 2014

-Noé Tesseron/Pym-Rae Napa Valley Podcast #370, February 2020

-Dave Petterson/Domaine de Brogile, Willamette Valley, Oregon Podcast #359, December 2019

-Chris Hyde/Hyde Estate Winery, Carneros, Napa Valley Podcast #314, April 2019

-Katharine DeSante/DeSante Wines, Napa Valley Podcast #67, August 2012

Written by Ray Fister

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