Its good to be back at an live event in wine country! This weeks podcast was recorded at the 2021 WIN Expo Trade Show & Conference held in Sonoma County two weeks ago. For this program we interviewed seven industry exhibitors that provide support to winegrowers with tractors, corks, bottles and other items that most of us take for granted. Take a listen to the following folks that took a few minutes to chat about their wares:   -Joe Nowicki/Electric Tractors by Solectrac -Gustavo Beltran/Corks by M.A. Silva -Liz Green/Screw Caps by Ramodin USA -Heather Burton/Barrels by Barrel Builders -Phil Burton/Barrels by Barrel Builders -Cameron Crouch/Wine Laboratories by Lodi Wine Labs -Joe Edwards/Safety by BWS Distributors   Learn more by visiting
Written by Ray Fister

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