I’ve returned to the WIN Trade Show & Conference 2022 after that little break we all called Covid. This show gives our listeners a look even more behind the curtain, in the wine industry. The tools that aid winemakers to create top quality wines are simple yet complex, varied and common and most of all, fun to eheck out. I interviewed 7 exhibitors and one winemaker to get a feel for what is needed in this modern time of winemaking.

Our interviews in order of appearance:

-Amy Aiken/ColloPack, Napa

-Annie Steimle/Sunridge Nurseries, Northcoast

-Gary Palmer/Innerstave, Sonoma

-Ciera Hurd/Hurd Mobile Bottling, Napa

-Scott Sanders/Condor Earth, Rancho Cordova

-Tony Auston/Auston Design Group, Emeryville

-Evan Ferro/Nadalie, Calistoga

-Heather Pollack/ACIC, Napa

You can learn more by visiting www.wineindustryexpo.com or www.wineindustryadvisor.com

Written by Ray Fister

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  1. Phil Burton December 28, 2022 at 12:02 am

    Thanks for the kind words. I missed the show so it was good to hear your post.