Welcome to Premiere Napa Valley Part Two were we ask about the auction lots as well as how is PNV important to smaller production wineries? All in all I interviewed 47 vintners during the weeklong event. Listen to what Napa Valley is all about. Cheers

Vintners in order of appearance:

Paula Kornell/Proprietor/Paula Kornell Sparkling Wine

Tom Rinaldi/Owners & Winemaker/Patent Wines

Michael Scholz/Vice President of Winemaking & Vineyards/St Supery

Sarah Vandendriessche/Winemaker/Elizabeth Spencer

Elias Fernandez/Winemaker/Shafer Vineyards

Sara Fowler/Director of Winemaking/Peju

Rod Santos/General Manager/Wm Harrison Vineyards

Sally Johnson/Proprietor & Winemaker/SJB Winemaking

Kurtis Ogasawara/Director of Winemaking/Robert Mondavi Winery

Linda Neal/Proprietor/Tierra Roja

Benoit Touquette/Proprietor/Fait-Main Wine

Bridget Raymond/Winemaker/Bridget Raymond

Josh Widaman/Winemaker/Pine Ridge Vineyards

Stuart Spoto/Proprietor & Winemaker/Spoto Family Wines

Christy Spoto/Proprietor & Yummy Mgr/Spoto Family Wines

Josh Phelps/Proprietor & Winemaker/Grounded Wine Co

Jonathan Tyre/Winemaker/Inglenook

Elizabeth Vianna/Winemaker/Chimney Rock Vineyards

Aaron Pott/Proprietor & Winemaker/Pott Wine

Jean Hoefliger/Proprietor & Winemaker/JH Wine Consulting

Carrie Reed/PR/Force & Grace

Julie Robertson/Winemaker/Crocker & Starr

Robert Smith/Director of Winemaking/Quioxte

Priyanka French/Winemaker/Signorello Estate Vineyards

Trevor Durling/Chief Winemaker/Beaulieu Vineyards

Shannon Rosette/Ntl Sales Director/Stones Winemaking

Jean-Charles Boisset/Proprietor/JCB Group

Stephanie Putnam/Vide President of Winemaking/Raymond Vineyards

Kara Krushin/General Manager/Maroon Wines

Phillip Titus/Winemaker/Acumen

Melissa Devore/President/Amici

Bastien Luca/Winemaker/Marciano Estate

Greg Fitzgerald/Winemaker/Pope Valley Winery

Diana Hawkins/Proprietor/Pope Valley Winery

Jason Moulton/Winemaker/Whitehall Lane

Andy Schweiger/Proprietor & Winemaker/Schweiger Family Vineyards

Lily Coquerel/Director of Growth/Coquerel Family Wine Estates

Austin Peterson/Winemaker/Ovid

Aron Weinkauf/Winemaker & Vineyard Mgr/Spottswoode

Julie Johnson/Proprietor/Tres Sabores


Learn more by visiting www.napavintners.com

Written by Ray Fister

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