Wine isn’t scary. Wine is fun and it’s healthy (heck Robert Mondavi lived to 94). So for this podcast I asked 24 winemakers and vintners during the week of the Sonoma County Barrel Auction “Why is wine so misunderstood”. Here is what they said:

Winemakers & Vintners in order of appearance:

Olivia Wright, Winemaker/Rodney Strong Vineyards

Mark Mazzoni, Owner & Winemaker/Zialena Winery

Reid Kinett, Asst Winemaker/Brooks Note Winery

Cassidy Block, Enologist/Three Sticks Wines

Greg Morthole, Winemaker/Davis Bynum

Gregory Roberts, Vintner/Brandon Gregory Estate

Tahlia Suggs, Marketing/Head High Wine

Dan Kosta, Founder & President/dk Wine Group

Theresa Heredia, Director of Winemaking/Gary Farrell Winery

Jay Sweet, Caretaker/Sweet Family Vineyards

Darrell Holbrook, Winemaker/Chalk Hill Winery

Andrea Card, Senior Winemaker/Francis Ford Coppola

Randall Watkins, Winemaker/Laurel Glen Vineyard

Alicia Sylvester, Winemaker/Banshee Wines

Katie MacMurray/MacMurray Ranch Vineyard

Chris Benziger/Benziger Family Winery

Jeff Pisoni, Winemaker/Fort Ross Vineyard

Hillary Sjolund, Director of Winemaking/Aperture Cellars

Lisa Amaroli, Winemaker/Benziger Family Wines

Steve Gower, Vintner/Crux Winery

Brian Callahan, Vintner/Crux Winery

George Christie, Founder & CEO/Wine Industry Network

Mia Mascarin, Vintner/Mascarin Family Winery

Marimar Torres, Vintner/Marimar Estate Vineyards

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Written by Ray Fister

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