The interviews for part four of Podcast #90, Auction Napa Valley 2013:

Part Four:

33-Ann Vauder/Red Mare Wine.

34-Top Chef Harold Dieterle-Season 1

35-Top Chef Hosea Rosenberg Season 5

36-Top Chef Richard Blais Season 8 AllStars

37-Top Chef Stephanie Izard-Season 4

38-Top Chef Ilan Hall & father-Season 2

39-Top Chef Chris Hanmer Season 2 Just Desserts

40-Paul Leary/Blackbird Vineyards

41-Top Chef Hung Huynh-Season 3

42-Bill Phelps/Joseph Phelps

43-Ron & Roberta Sciandri/Sciandri Family Vineyards

44-Jake Krausz/Arkenstone Vineyards

45-Joel & Amy Aiken/Meander/Amici/Conspire/Aiken Wines

46-Larry Stone/Quintessa

Written by Ray Fister

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