Bastard Barrel



Wine words are fascinating, educational and just plain fun, especially when defined by the winemakers themselves. Take a listen while sipping your favorite wine, and learn how it became the wine you love!

-Elizabeth Vianna/Chimney Rock Winery, Napa Valley “Mouthfeel”

-Alice Warnecke Sutro/Sutro Wine Company, Sonoma “Volcanics”

-Tom Fitzpatrick/Alloro Vineyard, Willamette Valley “Polyphenols”

-Matt Montrose/Kristova Family Partners, Bulgarian Wine “Orange Wine”

-Ana Diogo Draper/Artesa Vineyards, Napa Valley “Winemaker”

-Wayne Bailey/Youngberg Hill Winery, Willamette Valley “Winegrower”

-Aaron Pott/Pott Wines, Napa Valley “c’a scent le jeune fille qui se négligé”

-Michelle DeFeo/Champagne Laurent-Perrier, New York “Confusion Sexuelle”

-Joe Nielsen/Rams Gate Winery, Sonoma “Bastard Barrel”

-Brian Brakesman/Red Thread Winery, Napa Valley “Slutty”

-Jean Hoefliger/AXR Napa Valley ”Barrel Fermentation”

-Alex Stewart/Quilceda Creek, Washington State “Cold Stab”

-Taylor Serres/Serres Ranch, Sonoma “Hat Toss”

-Steve Johnson/Parallel 44 Winery, Wisconsin “Turding”

-Victor Urrutia/CVNE, Spain “Grand-a-night hooker”

-Dario Sattui/Castello di Amorosa, Napa Valley “The Crazy Bastard who built the Castle”

-Victoria Angove/Angove Family, Australia Winemakers “Long Game”

-Eric Risch/Pellet Estate, Napa Valley “Barnyard”

-Scott Neal/Coeur de Terre, Willamette Valley “Muscular”

-Carissa Mondavi/Continuum Estate, Napa Valley “Continuum”

-David Specter/Bells Up Winery, Willamette Valley “Batonnage”

-Jeff Bundschu/Gundlach-Bundschu Winery, Sonoma “Marine Climate”

-Michael Twelftree/Two Hands Wines, Australia “Instinct”

-Chris Hyde/Hyde Estate Winery, Sonoma “Budding”

-Salvatore Avallone/Villa Matilde Wines, Italy “Clay Amphora”

-Brette Munselle/Munselle Vineyards, Sonoma “Pachiche”

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Written by Ray Fister

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