The Napa Valley Vintners is projecting almost $12 million in fundraising for this 39th annual Auction Napa Valley. The NVV was first founded 75 years ago and clearly going strong. It was our honor to attend the Barrel Auction for the 11th time and it is always an incredible event. Catching up with old friends and meeting new winemakers all working to earn money for several Napa Valley charities. Take a listen through a brief window into the sounds and fun which makes up this world class event.

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Winemakers interviewed:

-Jean Hoefliger/Alpha Omega

-Henrik Poulsen/Alpha Omega

-Tim Mondavi/Continuum Estate

-Carissa Mondavi/Continuum Estate

-Roy Eisiminger/Handwritten Wines

-Todd Graff/Frank Family Winery

-Tyler Olbres/Nellecóte Wines

-Linda Trotta/Jamieson Ranch Vineyards

-Laura Barrett/Clif Family Winery

-Henrik Poulsen/Acumen

-Gordon Waggoner/Acumen

-Pam Starr/Crocker & Starr

-Paul Woolls/Progeny

-Mimi Gatens/Volunteer

-Eric Risch/Pellet Estate

-Karen Cakebread/Ziata

-Cyril Chappellet/Chappellet

-Bettina Bryant/Bryant Family

-Mark Pope/formerly The Bounty Hunter

Written by Ray Fister

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