Every winery has its very own personality.  Many make you feel welcome and at home while some are interested in selling wine and that’s that.  Harpersfield Winery in Madison, Ohio equates to the former and in many special ways.  In summer, Harpersfield features live entertainment on the front lawn next to the vineyard.  In winter….well, winter is special.  Gathering around the fireplace in the very cozy tasting room makes for a special time spent with friends.  While the many wines offered by Harpersfield are quite good, so in their menu.  The flat bread pizza’s are exceptional and are the perfect comfort food.  The cheese plate, bread tray and sandwiches are all worth a try.  This is a family run operation and you will likely be talking to the owners or a family member when you belly up to order.  Not to mention the winery terriers …..friendly and very cute, they are professional greeters and likely to pull up your lap for a brief nap.


Ohio has many terrific wineries and has for years.  Northeast Ohio has the largest grouping in Lake and Ashtabula counties.  Take a moment while visiting the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland and head east for food and wine that will likely surprise you.

Written by Ray Fister

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