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This is the second half of our coverage of Cakebread Cellars American Harvest Workshop which happened August 18th through 20th. The 25th anniversary of this event took place at the winery and various locations around Napa Valley.

This year 50 alumni chefs along with media and purveyors joined together for a weekend of wine, food, seminars, golf, kayaking, and fun with Life Between the Vines joining in on the event for the first time.

This special podcast features brief interviews from many of the folks attending. Part one of the podcast can be found on our website

The list of interviews for part two appears below. To learn more about the event and Cakebread Cellars, go to:

Check out our Facebook page for photos and information.



Podcast Part Two:

1-Brian Streeter-Cakebread Cellars
2-Bill Cardwell/Justin Cardwell-Cardwells at the Plaza & B.C.’s Kitchen, St. Louis, MO.
3-Danny Mellman-Harvest on Main, Blue Ridge, GA.
4-Emily Moore-Le Cordon Blue College of Culinary Arts, Seattle, WA.
5-Stevie McLaughlin-Gleneagles Hotel, Scotland
6-Jesse Llapitan-The Palace Hotel, San Francisco, CA.
7-Mike Huges-Broken Arrow Ranch, Texas

Written by Ray Fister

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