Anger Mangement



Flux Capacitor


These are just a few of the terms we call Vino Lingo: Wine words defined by the winemakers themselves. We’ve now introduced Vino Lingo Video to our podcast which will run every Thursday. For this podcast, we’ve compiled some of these common…and not so common terms used by winemakers. Listen and you’ll likely get a wine education and hopefully a laugh to boot. Enjoy!

-Rebecca Sciandri/Sciandri Family Vineyards, Napa Valley “ASDIN”

-Cary Gott/Cary Gott Vineyard & Family Estates, Napa Valley “Private Reserve/Special Selection”

-Tom Mackey/Tom Mackey Cellars, Sonoma “Reverse Osmosis”

-Lesley Russell/St. Helena Winery, Napa Valley “Sympa”

-Ferréol du Fou/Cháteau Tropling Mondot, France “Putacier”

-Chuck Klimek/Home Wine Grower, Wisconsin “Top Wire Cordon”

-Allison Steltzner/Heron House, Napa Valley “Orography”

-Ashley Trout/Brook & Bull, Walla Walla, Washington “Flux Capacitor”

-Don Hagge/Vidon Vineyard, Willamette Valley, Oregon “Tractor Blight”

-John Terlato/Terlato Wines, Chicago “Delicious”

-Henrik Poulsen/Alpha Omega Winery, Napa Valley “Aroma Lok”

-Rutger de Vink/RdV Vineyards, Virginia “Lutte Raissonnée”

-Tom Rinaldi/Winemaker, Napa Valley “Anger Management”

-Katy Wilson/Winemaker, Sonoma “Shatter”

-Reilly Keenan/Keenan Winery, Napa Valley “Mega Purple”

-Dan Warnshuis/Utopia Vineyard & Winery, Willamette Valley “Natural”

-Eric Cotton/Silver Crest Cellars, Ohio “No Terms”

-Patrick Rue/Erosion Wine Company/Napa Valley “Alien”

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Written by Ray Fister

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