Welcome to this special podcast! As some of you might know, I released a book aptly titled, “Vino Lingo”, wine words defined by the winemakers themselves. The book contained original photos of each of these winemakers in the spirit of the Vino Lingo words. The following audio stands as my ‘audio book’ of the project featuring the voices of each of the winemakers. This is part one which will be followed by part two next week. Its fun. Maybe silly. But definitely educational. Please enjoy. And watch for my next book, Vino Lingo Part Two.

Part One

Salvatore Avallone-Villa Matilde, Italy

Tom Mortimer, Owner/Founder-LeCadeau, Willamette Valley

Paul Durant, Owner/General Manager, Durant Vineyards, Willamette Valley

Annie Shull, Co-Owner, Raptor Ridge Winery, Willamette Valley

Eric Risch, General Manager/Dir of Winemaking, Pellet Estate, Napa Valley

Jean Hoefliger, Consulting Winemaker, JH Wine Consulting, Napa Valley

David Specter, Owner/Winemaker, Bells Up Winery, Willamette Valley

Justin Seidenfeld, Sr Vice President of Winemaking & Winegrowing, Rodney Strong, Sonoma

Henrik Poulsen, Owner/Winemaker, Release Winery, Napa Valley

Chris Hyde, Owner/Manager, Hyde Estate Vineyards, Napa Valley

Ian McClellan, Assistant Winemaker, Anaba Winery, Sonoma

Martin Bernal-Hafner, Winemaker, Topel Winery, Mendocino County

Carissa Mondavi, Wine Educator/Cultural Affairs, Continuum, Napa Valley

Dario Sattui, Owner, Castello de Amorosa, Napa Valley

Nick Goldschmidt, Owner/Winemaker, Goldschmidt Vineyards, Sonoma

Sara Fowler, Winemaker, Peju & Calmére Winery, Napa Valley

David Ramey, Founder, Ramey Wine Cellars, Healdsburg, Sonoma

John Terlato, Principal, Terlato Wine Group, Chicago

Giovanni Folonari, President, Ambrogio Giovanni Folonari, Italy

Matt Michael, Owner/Winemaker, Baldassari Wines, Sonoma

Michael Moyer, Dir of Wine & Viticulture, Lake Michigan College, Michigan

Jean-Charles Boisset, Owner, JCB Collection, Napa Valley

Casey Stringer, Owner/Winemaker, Stringer Cellars, Napa Valley

Kasey Wierzba, Winemaker, Shady Lane Cellars, Traverse City, Michigan

Aaron Pott, Owner/Winemaker, Pott Wine, Napa Valley

Wally Maurer, Owner/Winemaker, Domaine Berrien, Berrien Springs, Michigan

Elias Fernandez, Winemaker, Shafer Vineyards, Napa Valley

Laura Diaz Munoz, Winemaker, Ehlers Estate, Napa Valley

Tony Kosicek, Owner/Winemaker, Kosicek Vineyards, Harpersfield, Ohio

Tom Rinaldi, Winemaker/Consulting Winemaker, Napa Valley

Scott Shull, Co-Owner, Raptor Ridge Winery, Willamette Valley

Steve Lutz, Owner/Winemaker, Lénne Estate, Willamette Valley

Steven Rogstad, Winemaker, Cuvaison, Napa Valley

Elizabeth Vianna, Winemaker, Chimney Rock Vineyards, Napa Valley

Scott Neal, Co-Owner/Winemaker, Couer de Terre Vineyard, Willamette Valley

Chris Carpenter, Winemaker, Lokoya, Napa Valley

Rich Salvestrin, Co-Owner/Winemaker, Salvestrin Winery, Napa Valley

Eric Cotton, Co-Owner/Co-Winemaker, Silver Crest Cellars, Madison, Ohio

Julie Johnson, Owner, Tres Sabores, Napa Valley

Chris Williams, Winemaker, Brooks Winery, Willamette Valley

Richie Allen, Dir of Winemaking & Viticulture, Rombauer Vineyards, Napa Valley

Greg Morthole, Winemaker, Davis Bynum Winery, Sonoma

Joe Wright, Winemaker, Left Coast Cellars, Willamette Valley

Tom Fitzpatrick, Winemaker, Alloro Vineyard, Willamette Valley

Bill Sweat, Co-Owner/Winemaker, Winderlea Vineyard, Willamette Valley

Bruce Cakebread, Co-Owner, Cakebread Cellars, Napa Valley

McKenzie Gallagher, Co-Owner, Rove Estate, Traverse City, Michigan

Ian Burch, Winemaker, Archery-Summit, Willamette Valley

Alexis Cornu, Winemaker, Chateau de Berne, Provence, France

Brian Maloney, Winemaker, Buena Vista Winery, Sonoma

Whitney Yates, Asst Winemaker/Family Member, Yates Family Vineyard, Napa Valley

Pam Starr, Co-Owner/Founder, Crocker & Starr, Napa Valley

Melissa Burr, VP of Winemaking, Stoller Family Estate, Willamette Valley

Dr. Dave Miller, Owner/Winemaker, White Pine Winery, St Joseph, Michigan

Sean O’Keefe, Winemaker, Mari Vineyards, Traverse City, Michigan

Linda Neal, Owner, Tierra Roja, Napa Valley

Erika Almeida Mooney, Owner, Lagniappe Peak Winery, Napa Valley

Don Hagge, Former Owner, Vidon Vineyard, Willamette Valley

Steve Johnson, Owner/Winemaker, Parallel 44 Vineyard & Winery, Kewaunee, Wisconsin

Karin Warnelius Miller, Co-Owner, Garden Creek Vineyards, Alexander Valley

Jeff Lemon, Co-Owner/Winemaker, Lemon Creek Winery, Berrien Springs, Michigan

Alice Warnecke Sutro, Founder/Owner/Winemaker, Sutro Wine Co, Alexander Valley

Alex Sokol Blossor, Winemaker/Co-President, Sokol Blossor Winery, Willamette Valley

Brook Bannister, Owner/Winemaker, Bannister Wines, Sonoma

Ana Diogo Draper, Winemaker, Artesa Vineyards, Sonoma

Wayne Bailey, Winegrower/Winemaker, Youngberg Hill, Willamette Valley

Written by Ray Fister

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