Welcome to this very special Podcast #543, the Sonoma County Barrel Auction 2023. After a bit of a break for Covid, the crowds returned to bid and enjoy the company of winemakers and vintners. I interviewed 21 participants to get their take on their auction lots and to let our listeners learn about the faces behind the wine. To learn more visit www.sonoma.com. Cheers!

Appearing in this video in no particular ordera;

-Greg Morthole/Winemaker, Davis Bynum

-Adolfo Hernandez/Owner & Winemaker, Monroy Wines

-Jill Davis/Hospitality Manager, DuMol Wines

-Theresa Heredia/Director of Winemaking, Gary Farrell Wines

-Ross Outon/Cellarmaster, Patz & Hall

-Justin Seidenfeld/Director of Winemaking, Rodney Strong

-Rachael Bordes/Assistant Winemaker, Ram’s Gate

-Reed Kinnett/Assistant Winemaker, Brooks Note Wines

-Alicia Sylvester/Winemaker, Banshee Wines

-Daralyn Christensen/Head High Wines

-Ryan Williams/District Mgr, Baca Wines

-Davis Anderson/Sales & Marketing, Crescere Wines

-Harry Hanson/Sr. Vice President, Gloria Ferrer Vineyards

-Mike Sullivan/Winemaker & Co-Owner, Benovia Winery

-Randall Watkins/Winemaker, Laurel Glen Vineyard

-Dana Epperson/Winemaker, Migration Wines

-Neil Bernardi/Vice President & General Mgr, Kosta Browne/Duckhorn

-Ellie Haun/Brand Ambassador, E & J Gallo

-Stuart Bryan/Vintner, Pride Mountain Winery

-Bob Cabrel/Winemaker & Owner, Bob Cabrel Wines

-Andy Robinson/Winemaker, Seghesio Wines

Written by Ray Fister

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