Welcome to this very special Podcast #543, the Sonoma County Barrel Auction 2023. After a bit of a break for Covid, the crowds returned to bid and enjoy the company of winemakers and vintners. I interviewed 21 participants to get their take on their auction lots and to let our listeners learn about the faces behind the wine. To learn more visit www.sonoma.com. Cheers!

-Greg Morthole/Winemaker, Davis Bynum

-Adolfo Hernandez/Owner & Winemaker, Monroy Wines

-Jill Davis/Hospitality Manager, DuMol Wines

-Theresa Heredia/Director of Winemaking, Gary Farrell Wines

-Ross Outon/Cellarmaster, Patz & Hall

-Justin Seidenfeld/Director of Winemaking, Rodney Strong

-Rachael Bordes/Assistant Winemaker, Ram’s Gate

-Reed Kinnett/Assistant Winemaker, Brooks Note Wines

-Alicia Sylvester/Winemaker, Banshee Wines

-Daralyn Christensen/Head High Wines

-Ryan Williams/District Mgr, Baca Wines

-Davis Anderson/Sales & Marketing, Crescere Wines

-Harry Hanson/Sr. Vice President, Gloria Ferrer Vineyards

-Mike Sullivan/Winemaker & Co-Owner, Benovia Winery

-Randall Watkins/Winemaker, Laurel Glen Vineyard

-Dana Epperson/Winemaker, Migration Wines

-Neil Bernardi/Vice President & General Mgr, Kosta Browne/Duckhorn

-Ellie Haun/Brand Ambassador, E & J Gallo

-Stuart Bryan/Vintner, Pride Mountain Winery

-Bob Cabrel/Winemaker & Owner, Bob Cabrel Wines

-Andy Robinson/Winemaker, Seghesio Wines

Written by Ray Fister

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